Use Bodru to share important information with others at work, and unlock the true potential of your business.
Encourage coworkers to write short notes throughout the day about their phone calls, customer visits, and so on. Write comments about each other's notes. It all works like the social networks you are already familiar with, only strictly within the company, of course.

Customer Relationship Management

Bodru lets you link all notes related to the same contacts and companies, so you can view everything about a specific customer on the same page.
You can also enter contact information for each person or company, to build a single shared customer contact database for your company.

Online Document Storage

Bodru is also a powerful, yet easy to use document archiving system. Need to store scanned documents, word processing files, spreadsheets, presentations, or more? Just attach these files to Bodru notes.
Use the powerful search box, or click on any contact or company name to instantly find any document you store in Bodru. From anywhere, even from your mobile phone.

Mobile Access

We know your business is not confined to your desktop. So we designed a unique mobile user experience that is far superior to anything you have seen in other mobile business apps.
Download the free Bodru mobile app to your smartphone or tablet device. Get push notifications about notes written by your coworkers. Access all notes, company and contact details from your mobile device.

Data Security and Privacy

Your data is yours. Period.
Only you and those you authorize may access it. We do not use your contacts database to send spam, or use the information you put into Bodru for any purpose other than to provide the services you specifically request or sign up for. Bodru Premium customers may also set access rights for each user or department.

It's all free. Start using now!